"the quieter you become, the more you can hear."

the path to my inner peace

May 3, 2013

Om Bhur Bhuva Svah

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat

Close your eyes. Hear the words, feel them deep into your soul. Relax and let the music, the essence and the spirit guide you. If you have never heard the voice and music of Deva Premal & Miten, then you have never taken an unearthly and spiritual trip to inner peace like you do with them. The road can be a long and broken trip, like mine surely was. Ever since I can remember I have been terrified of people. No one has even know the extent to which my heart has been heavy as I was very secretive (and still am) about my person and my soul. From years of abuse and a victim of severe bullying, I retreated deeper and deeper into myself until I didn't know if I could go any further. It was then that I knew that I needed to get out. How? I had no clue. Somehow step by baby step I put my terrified self out there in the world. There were times that I got beaten back down pretty hard and drove back into that black nothingness, but there were slivers of light that stayed with me telling me to stand up and go again. There were other times that amazed me and made me truly look deep and realize that I am going to be ok. Then a randomly strategic conversation between two people set me on my path inward to truly find my soul and my inner peace. I made a choice to send a message to someone I knew very little of she touched me deeply with an invitation to join a meditation with her. And there my love for mantras was born. A conversation with another beautiful soul and the Gayatri Mantra, one of the most ancient and sacred of all mantras, has brought me to my inner galaxy. A place that is my freedom. I am in this world but in my own. I am free. I came from this earth and will return to this earth and while I am on this earth I will float through in my galaxy being everything and nothing all in one breath. Finally my soul is free to seek enlightenment and soar through the galaxy that is my own. I am not afraid and I am free. 

the end of an era

May 22, 2013

So I sit here writing this as I celebrate the last day of my 20's. There had been much trepidation up to this point as my 30th birthday loomed off in the distance, gradually inching its way closer. There is much I have experienced in the last 3 decades and much I have learned. Here's a few key points that mean so much to me:

- Life consists of constant change. Whether you can accept that or not is key.

- You will always grow and always learn. While you may possess great amounts of knowledge, you will never unlock the secrets of the universe. But that's part of continual learning; it's what keeps you yearning for more understanding.

- Age does not, cannot and will not dictate the level of wisdom that a person possess.

- Young or old, hurtful words hurt. They will stay with you for a lifetime should you allow them.

- Change needs to be accompanied with acceptance. The longer you resist, the more difficulties you will find in your path.

- Forgiveness is not always about the other person but the ability to release the past and allow yourself to live in peace. (Thanks SJ)

- Living in peace does not mean that you need to accept that which is not right for you, regardless of what external opinion may say. (Thanks LL)

- NEVER, EVER let others dictate your dreams to you. Only you know where your heart lies and what you need to fulfill your essential self.

- Do those things that make your heart soar.

- Love the earth. It is where you came from and one day it is where you will return.

- Do something everyday just for you.

- Get to know yourself as much as you would get to know a close friend or partner.

- Listen. To your heart, to the universe. It has the most amazing things to say to you! (Thanks KC)

- Love. ALWAYS!

As I spend these last hours of this decade, I have chosen to surround myself with those I truly love and who make me feel so special and deserving of this amazing life. I will enter into the next decade with a smile on my lips, a beautiful mantra in my heart, the universe, my universe, deep in my soul and love surrounding me.

a letter of love

June 1, 2013

I miss you. That seems to run along the same line as I love you; parallel, hand in hand when your not next to me. The depth of those small words runs deep, truly indescribable unless you feel it. And I know you do. I know your pain of separation matches my own. In the past couple years I have grown so deeply attached to you, your love fills me to overflowing. There is not a single moment if time that I don't want and need you by my side. As my life has been evolving over the last few months, I have found the more I follow my heart, the more you are right beside me to give love and support even when you don't quite understand where I am going. These last couple months have brought major change for me both internally and externally. I feel like a snake in a sense, as though I'm shedding my skin. Ultimately I'm following my heart, with that comes the removal of negativity from my life and infusing it with positivity. There has been some difficult moments, still is right now, but I can see the relief that lies past that. I have an inherent sense of being able to keep moving through the hard times even if I see no light. I may fall down very, very hard and I may need help getting back up but deep in my soul I never truly give up. Somehow there is strength there that I manage to grasp onto to keep going. What I have found the most surprising in this recent journey is the gratitude that I have for most everything; the new friendships, the beautiful sunrise, hearing the birds as I wake, the veggies now growing again in our garden, seeing the curiosity of young minds and the new lives being born, the material items I am blessed with (a vehicle, a home of my own) but mostly how grateful I am that the universe has blessed me with you. You. Such a beautiful word. Such a beautiful soul. I truly believe that there is that one "perfect" person for everyone and I know that I have found mine. I can describe the obvious things about you and about us but its the little things that no one knows about; those precious sweet moments that we experience together, the strength of love that we have with each other, the true respect and devotion to us and our relationship. These are the things that make us so special to each other. With you I have found the real meaning of a love so pure, so precious and it's because of this love that I have a better understanding of compassion and gratitude. Your selfless love has taught me to have selfless love to all beings, human and furry. There are times that I still struggle with this but it's always there in the back of my mind and my heart. If I could only say one more thing to you it would be "Thank You". Thank you for making my life so beautiful, so full if life and love. Thank you for being so selfless and giving and teaching me the same. But mostly thank you for loving me as I am. I love you for every moment I have and on into the next life and the next. My soul has been infused with this love that will carry it through eternity. Thank you.

Love Always...

a letter of intent

July 25, 2013

I thought it would be fitting to post my letter of intent that I wrote for the 200hr yoga teacher training program that I have registered for. This is deeply internal for me and a big step to post my heart to the universe.

In’tent: Intention, purpose, resolve or determination to do (something)

I remember only one real clear moment as a teenager where I can say that I really looked deeply inside with awareness. I know now that I was always unconsciously searching for that inner person, inner wisdom and inner peace even if I didn't recognize that then. I was sitting in a biology class, taken out of chance but thoroughly enjoyed, and I remember looking out the classroom window at some point. From where my high school was, up on a hill, I could see out to the harbour and the paper mill puffing away. It had been a particularly trying and difficult lunch hour of being bullied and as I sat there distantly listening to my teacher talk, I thought to myself, “There is more than this in life. There is more out there for you. You are bigger than this and destined to become something better than all of this. This world is not meant to hold you here, hold you in this circle of hatred and hurt.” From that moment on, whatever I endured, I always remembered that day where I came to the realization that this universe, this cosmos holds amazing greatness for me.

My road here, to this moment, to this letter and to this fulfillment of a deep desire has been a long road paved with stones of sorrow and hurt, anger and frustration. It has also been paved with stones of triumph and realization, love and kindness and compassion. The negative stones in life are hard and sometimes seem unforgiving, but they are the strongest on my road, they are the stones that have created my life’s foundation. They have created the desire to work harder, learn deeper and love stronger. They are the stones on which love and compassion sit and they are the stones that keep me up when I feel like I’m so far down. I look at all the events and experiences in my life, whether positive or negative, as an essential piece of my eternal puzzle. As life happens it shapes me into what I need to be, it teaches me what I need to know to thrive on my path in life. Everything around me shapes me into the beautiful soul that I am.

My realization for exactly where that path was taking me came by chance so it seemed at the time. I didn't fully realize that nothing is just “by chance”, everything happens as it should. A friend posted an article online that she had read and it sparked my curiosity. I read the article and then joined the website, Ethical Ocean, as I try to be an ethical advocate and completely supported the views of this site. On the website I found an amazing all-natural skin cleansing line that has turned out to be just incredible. Daniela, the founder/owner, forwarded an email to me one day from a friend of hers who happened to be a life coach. On the end of the email, Lindsey had a link to book a free session with her and I felt compelled. I sent off an email to her and so my internal journey fully began. With her I have been able to unlock and put into realization my intent in life. I have been able to grasp what I want and truly need to be whole. I have come to understand how I need to BE not just what I want to be. I have unearthed what drives my soul. This journey has led me here, to Heather’s door, and the desire to learn all that there is in a yogic life.

I am looking not just to become a teacher but to forever learn as a student as well. I have dived headlong into a spiritual journey inwardly as I have been exploring and falling in love with the wonders of Buddhism. The more I learn, the more I realize that I am on my path and following the direction the universe is leading me and I feel wonderful!

When I first made the choice to make the commitment to the 200hr program, I was excited and felt that I was making the right decision. My thoughts at that time were, “I’ll do the 200hr and see how I feel and where I want to go after that.” I was still uncertain of the direction that I wanted to take. It wasn’t until one of my yoga teachers, after learning I was registered for the program, said in passing, “It will be great to see you teaching here soon!”, that I really started to change my thought process. I took a step back and asked myself, what does yoga teaching mean to me? The answer? It’s really simple. Everything. Yoga teaching is where I want my path to lead me. It means everything to me. Yoga has become a retreat from a bad day, a place of fearlessness and a place where I can let go and go deep into the real me, a place where the only one challenging me is me. I know that the more I delve into this world, this space, this ultimate universe is the only place that my soul is truly content. To have the ability to take this knowledge and wisdom and teach this, to watch others find their place and their peace, to be ever inspired daily, this is truly my intention in this lifetime and I want to make every second I have left count.

rise in love

September 23, 2013

What do we love?

Society tells us to love image, materials, fake beauty, outward appearances, money.

Your mom or grandma probably told you to love your siblings, your elders, "do unto them as you would for yourself."

Somewhere along the way someone said you should love yourself also. But what did that mean? If I look in a mirror will I really love what I see? I don't mean superficially. I mean soul-deep, universally connecting, passion-driven love. I'm going out in a limb and saying that, I don't think you do or did at some point.

Why? Because you don't know how.

There is a journey that we all take at some point in our lives. Not the "well when I grow up..." journey, the one that takes you on the road to your soul. The story of the lotus flower really strikes me and my understanding of the infinite layers if meaning continue on. It's simple really, the lotus starts at the bottom of a lake under layers of mud in the dark. It grows and rises through all obstacles to the surface of the water. There it blooms into an extraordinary flower. Scientifically we can describe the happens of the flower, but what it the true meaning behind this?

That's even simpler. Love.

Yep that's it, love. Really? Yes, really.

Now consider this: what is it that has made you who you are today? What internally has shaped you, moulded you and created you into your beautiful self? Love. Really? Yes, really.

The lotus flowers only real, true desire is to bloom. It doesn't stop to consider the mud (external ideals, opinions and materialistics), nor does it consider how far through the water to the top it has to grow (our impressionistic ideals of external factors that "get in the way" of our personal journeys). The lotus LOVES itself, believes in itself and sees that light of the sun even in the dirt and just grows! It doesn't look at itself in the mud and contemplate its beauty, nor does it stop to see the water and "drown" in the weight of stuff that we let get in the way. It knows and it grows.

When was the last time you looked at yourself in your "mud" and dispaired at the sight, drowned in your lake of water? We all do, some times daily, sometimes not. When was the last time you looked at your light, your sun and saw love? Saw depth-defying, intense, soul-piercing love, just and only for you?

It's ok to love YOU as passionately as this. When you become the lotus, find this love and grow in this love, only then will you shine this love. If you stay stuck in the mud, how will your beauty be shown?

Rise up in love. Find your passionate soul. Let your lotus bloom.

i am 

October 17, 2013

I am.

I am in love.

My heart flutters and my stomach clenches with desire and anticipation. Those moments where you could spend forever right there in that moment, living in those feelings, never wanting to let go of the sweet beauty that surrounds you while all the world is left in a blurry haze. I can feel the cool wind on my cheeks, hear the leaves rustle in the wind and drink in the scent and sight of the beauty of the fall as my boots crunch through the fallen leaves that cover the earth.

Yes I am in love, so totally and deeply entranced by the power and connection to the earth. Journey to the earth, journey with the breath. Breathe in, breathe out, so deep and so pure. So full of life, love, wonder and amazement. I ground myself in this pure essence of love, I feel the earth deep into my soul and I feel the grip of that love on my heart. I am here in this moment, this life and this love. I am one with me, with you and with the very power that surrounds me. I am here on my journey of love.

“To love…is to get a brief, dim glimpse of something…which is tremendous, awe-inspiring and eternal.” (paraphrase – Patanjali Sutras)

When you grab hold of that love, you grab hold of that eternal depth of connection. You connect deep within yourself, the eternality of the soul and the infinity of the universe. When I step out of our manmade existence into the natural world, I step into the earth’s soul and I connect with that ecstasy and I breath in the tremendous longing to join and become one with all that surrounds me. When my feet touch the earth, I feel myself journey deep into the eternal depths of the universe. I connect, I become everything and nothing in a single connection. I breath, I feel, I let go. I become one.

I am in love.

I am.


November 6, 2013

There are times when you make a connection with a true kindred soul; a connection that you know has been there in lives past and in those to come. This connection is soulful, inspiring, and magical; you know deep in your being that your paths have cosmically rejoined and the friendship that now grows would endure this lifetime and more. There’s a certain type of intimacy when the universe conspires to connect you to someone special, it could be a passing moment that draws you in or a depth filled experience that lasts eternally. There are single moments in time that you are so drawn in; a look or a single touch, a sentence spoken or a song that emanates you to your core. This is the single moment when you are connected fully, spiritually, to the infinite limits of the cosmos. There is so much magnificence in those moments when you are able to let go. The moment when the universe is working towards you, pushing and pulling and aligning to bring you into that very center of spiritual awakening, compassion and connection to everything around you.

It’s said that while we are here on earth, so is our soul in many different pieces. As we go throughout our life those connected to the pieces of our soul come to us only when we are ready to hear and see the subtle signs and answer back organically. When you open yourself to receiving that connection it electrifies your being and your soul, rocks you to your very core and every fiber of your being and starts a riot deep in your heart.

How do you put words to an experience like this? How do you truly tell the depths of that inner connection when your ideals of life have been shattered and your soul is on fire and you want to reach inside and burst out of your shell and become? Words fail, thoughts have disappeared and what is left is the knowledge and the peace, the ecstasy of the wave is falling on you.


shall we eat?

November 20, 2013

Ahhh, food! The bain of the existance of most women. We seem to measure ourselves by the calorie content on a box. When did eating become so difficult and why is it such a bad thing to enjoy a plateful of delicious food?

I, like a good portion of women, fretted over my calorie intake, low-carbed it for a while, sweated about the fat content and then defeatedly gave up. What was I fighting about anyway? Who really gains from these battles? Was this is a hollywood plight to "get-thin" or was I genuinely concerned about my health and living a better lifestyle? I couldn't draw that line anymore. I tried to trick myself into believing that I really did want to be in great shape, but ultimately I knew, deep down, that I was on this "dieting" nightmare because I was ashamed of what I saw when I looked in a mirror and longed for what I saw every time I opened a fashion magazine.

Then the worst thing I could ever imagine happened. I was diagnosed with a dairy and nut (peanuts, pistachios) allergy. The nuts not so bad, I could manage that,but the dairy? And the allergy, not lactose intolerant as most people are, full on severely DEADLY allergic. I had been slowly poisoning myself. What was I going to do now? As I stood in the grocery store one cold, wintery day, crying my eyes out, I thought to myself, "I'm going to starve to death." I was holding a box of my beloved favorite cereal, Harvest Crunch, in full on disbelief that there was milk in it! Since when do they put milk in dry cereal? Sadly that was only the tip of the iceburg for me. My frustrations only grew as I realized that not only is there dairy in dry cereal, there is dairy in just about every, friggin, processed product that you could possibly name!

As my world came crashing down around me, the figure in the mirror was even more disgusting to look at, as I was so mad at my body, and that fashion mag? Well it was off my plate at least, I had bigger things to worry about, like what in the heck am I going to eat?! I took to the internet and researched like I had never done before and what I found blew me away. There is names for dairy ingredients disguised as things most people wouldn't even recognize, then there's the fillers, did you know that most tablet medication has lactose in it? It took me months and months to start to sort and process all this information. Countless trips to the big city to by some resemblance of food, hundreds of dollars in the garbage as I tried and tested different recipes and store bought food. Then finally I started to put it together a little bit, felt as though I was starting to get the hang of it.

During this time my taste buds started changing and I started to feel better physically and the mental and emotional black cloud that was hanging over me began to clear. I should have known that there was more to come. And just like and omen, I stood in the grocery store picking up bread, reading the ingredients to make sure there was no dairy of any sort in it and I thought to myself, "At least I'm not allergic to gluten!" I still shake my head at that moment, one that rings ever so clear every time I pass the bakery section at the grocery store. Yes, not too long after that I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, not full on celiac's disease and that I am so grateful for! Needless to say it's been a very long and difficult 6 food-learning years.

I feel as though my food life is settling down and I'm now called weird on a regular basis when I pull out my lunch, but I'm good with that. I have found who I am in a sense, through food allergies. It has forced me, unwillingly at first, to be in that healthy lifestyle, something I am ever so grateful for! I have come across may yummy treats, healthy ideas and recipes that I will be sharing with all of you. I am blessed to be able to grow as much veggies as possible and be surrounded by a supportive family and community as I continue to manage these allergies. I still have frustrations but they have subsided from daily to more eating on the fly now. I hope that you try some of mine and others crazy concoctions that I post as most you may be surprised to find that you like!!

I have attached a couple pics of my latest venture, sprouting, (makes my grammie proud!!) They are not only delicious and nutricious, they are a breeze to do! 4 days, a mason jar and straining lid and water and strain twice a day. I will be hulling them for eating tonight!!

Yum, Yum! 

vanilla bean & lemon creamycake

January 24, 2014

Baking...I normally sigh when I hear that word, until now. In my past pre-allergic days, I used to bake the most scrumptious, mouth-watering desserts. Decadently, moist cakes with chocolate oozing from the middle, melt-in-your-mouth cookies and to-die-for cheesecake. Each treat was full of rich, creamy butter, full-fat cream and lots of sweet, sweet (refined) sugar. Now I have your attention! Since the discovery of all my food allergies, I had all but gave up hope of ever baking anything that scrumptious again. I mean what's there to eat anyway?! Or so I have been asked dozens of times...Then along came raw, vegan food. Now I'm not a full-on vegan, but I'm definitely not far off, so I launched a full-scale veganism investigation. Well what I found surprised, not only me but K who has become my test palate! ;)

One of the best things about cooking!! The meals take a bit more prep time, but the results are purely divine, I promise!! On my research travels I came across the blog, (check Em out, she is amazing with a brilliant mind AND her food is delish!) and I fell completely and uttering into true love with sweet-treat "baking" all over again, this time on a completely different scale. The dishes are rich and succulent, full of life and flavour; most ingredients are raw and full of amazing nutrients, nothing refined. Once your palate has refreshed itself from a refined diet, you will be amazed at the flavour of some of the raw recipes!!

Now that you are salivating and intrigued, I give you (my adaption of:

Vanilla Bean & Lemon CreamyCake


1c. Organic Medjool Dates, pitted

2c. Pecans, raw if you can get them

1/2c. Organic Coconut Oil, melted

In a high-powered blender (I use a Ninja) or a food processor, pulse the dates and pecans until they resemble coarse crumbs. Pour in coconut oil and pulse again until completely blended. Press into an 8" springform pan (cover the bottom with wax paper for easy removal and clean-up). Refrigerate.

Creamy Filling:

3c. Cashews, raw if you can get them

3/4c. Organic Lemon juice

3/4c. Organic Maple Syrup

2tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract

1tbsp. Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste or Seeds scraped from the inside of 1 Vanilla Bean

3/4c. Coconut Oil, melted

In your blender/food processor, add all of the creamy filling ingredients except the coconut oil. Blend on high until the ingredients become a smooth paste. Add the coconut oil and pulse until completely mixed. Pour onto crust. Garnish with Coconut Sugar or Raw Cane Sugar (optional). Refridgerate until the filling is set. Remove the side of the springform pan, slice and serve. (Or put in the middle of the table and hand everyone a fork, once you start eating, I guarantee you will not be able to stop!!)

In the words of Em, "You know you want it!!" 

sara smile

March 12, 2014

This song was originally written and recorded by Hall & Oates in 1975. I have become enthralled by the newest cover by Rumer, a British-Pop/Soul musician. Rumer's bluesy 70's take on the song has me scouring the decades beauties and yearning for the sweet, organic hippy lifestyle of that era. Every time I hear her croon, "Sara, Smile. Won't you smile a while for me Sara..." It takes me to a summer day in a grassy field with a guitar, long locks and the camera catching every bit of emotion as I'm lost in the lyrics and the freedom of just being or to a dark and smoky blues bar with an old piano, a mic and a crowd of souls searching for something deep that the song is going to give them.

Lyrically Hall & Oates smashed this hit with phrases like, "If you want to be free, you know all you've got to do is say so...It's you and me forever..." The intention was, at face value, a girl. I like to dig deeper into the lyrical meanings of a song as the chords rip deep into my soul. I like to pull myself deep into the mindset of the musician, put myself where they may have been and just be in that sweet depth of meaning. What does it mean when it means everything and yet at the same time the meaning means nothing at all? Say you need to be free which means everything and yet freedom can be nothing. Close your eyes and fall into your soul. It's depths are endless and free, everything and yet nothing. The nothing being so endless that it is everything.

When I peer out of my eyes at the world around me, I'm searching for that freedom, that place in Sara's Smile that is a release. Forever is a word I have always avoided. I didn't believe that there was a forever. Then I fell into myself, I found my soul, the inner depths, the well of never ending thoughts, words, I found my forever. When I gaze outside of the window of my life, I see the world as I have created, the you and me forever. I found my freedom. I pick up a pen and continue to write my forever story, with my arms wrapped around me. There is only freedom. I'll stay here and continue to write my story until tomorrow, my forever as tomorrow will never truly be.

The music continues to rip into my soul, as do most songs with soulful piano chords or sexy guitar riffs. The meaning to Hall & Oates will only every be truly felt in their own minds, their depths and their forevers. What this song means to me is deep into my soul. How it touches the world is a story meant for another to write. I'll continue to write my freedom, always remembering the impression these moments carry deep into my forever.

the bliss of being

December 1, 2014

It’s the gentlest gesture of touch, the look that’s almost not there, the soft tonal sounds of care, the scent in the air that brings you into a state of being, the almost salted taste of your lips; softly caressing every body sense. It's the quietest moment of elevated bliss, the intimacy of shared words in a dark night, connecting by being, being from the sense of connection. The feeling of a sensational high while every body sense is stimulated within an intimate space. It's the place that your soul brings your mind into when your mind allows your body to let go and just be.

Feel the prickle of cool on your skin, the movement as the shiver of touch runs up your body. Let your senses unravel as your mind creates the felt sensation of fingers running through hair and soft, silky skin.

Let the light around you dazzle you, drawn you in and paint beautiful pictures of blissful perfection. Let your eyes fall on the beauty that surrounds you. See what’s there and find what your mind hides from your soul. Catch the fleeting glimpse that almost passed you by.

Fall into the sound of running water moving with the sweet intention of the earths desire. Hear the intensity of the music, one melodical note at a time, drinking in the pleasure of becoming lost in another’s bliss.

Drink in the pureness of the air, the crisp of the cold and the sweetness of the heat. Bring the scent of being in that place of perfection into your body, allowing it to fill all the little spaces and burst out with intense desire.

Soulfully taste the air that surrounds you, the saltiness of an ocean, the sweetness of spring flower buds, the spiciness of the unknown pleasures that surround you, the heat of a sultry night.

Let your mind let go and enter into your soul. Drift, float and move within the motion of an intensely pure, intimately beautiful state of being.

It's pure ecstasy, a blissfulness of being.

Beauty on the outside

June 14, 2017

“Health is the greatest gift,

contentment the greatest wealth,

faithfulness the best relationship.”

~ Buddha ~

​The exterior of your body is a reflection of the interior.

I have spent many years learning the truth in this. What we consume, breathe, and put into our bodies needs to be expelled from the body through waste, sweat, and breathe. What we use to clean the exterior of our bodies is just as important as what we use to fuel our bodies.

Have you ever read the label of that wonderful-smelling body wash you use?

I’ll guess that most of the ingredients are just a bunch of letters mashed together for most of you…me too! I don’t know what half of it says, let alone means! But who cares?! It smells wonderful! Well…what you put on your body, is being absorbed into your body. Some of those nasty chemicals create allergies, cancers, physical ailments and more…

When I started to learn what this stuff was doing to our bodies, I literally opened the cupboards doors and started cleaning house! I rid myself of as much of those chemical-based products as possible, including cleaners, detergents, bath and body products, right down to my toothpaste!

I love my skin; the creamy colour, the silky smoothness and I didn’t want to compromise by putting something unloving on it.

There is nothing quite like closing your eyes and cracking open a new jar of “The Cloud” face cream from Belmondo, which is Italian for “Beautiful World”. The smell and feel of this soft, luxurious cream really puts you on a cloud in a beautiful world.

This skincare line is 100% Canadian, organic and handmade in small batches. This organic, olive-oil based skincare line was created by Daniela Belmondo out of her desire to share the incredible natural properties of Italian olive oil with her skin care clients. The line was designed to protect, nourish and enhance your natural beauty. Each product is softly scented with natural ingredients and feels like heaven when it touches your skin.

I found this line by chance about 8 years ago and though I have tried other products over those 8 years, I always come back to Belmondo. My skin is incredible when I’m using this line. Her products are “brimming with the earth-grown goodness your body recognizes and uses to heal and beautify itself.”

Have a look at her line here:

These are the Belmondo Products I can’t live without!!

The Dunes – Gentle, satiny facial scrub

The Rain – Invigorating facial wash

After The Rain – Soothing, non-drying facial toner

The Cloud – Deeply hydrating, velvety facial cream

The Dew – Nourishing facial oil

The Petal – Delicately firming eye cream

The Garden – Silky hand and body lotion

The Grove – Moisturizing Olive Oil Soap

The Balm – Nourishing lip balm